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Taste the Sea of Korea—a tasting event—to present Korean flavors in palatable New American dishes at
Chefs Club by Food and Wine

Renowned chefs will be showcasing Korean-inspired New American recipes featuring unique seafood ingredients from the waters surrounding the Korean peninsula.

New York, NY—Bringing the rich culture and abundance of the Korean seas to New York City, Taste the Sea of Korea presents exciting recipes featuring Korean seafood with Chef David Lee and Chef Diane Henderiks, and is introducing a new way to eat deliciously healthy food.

The tasting event, to take place at Chefs Club by Food and Wine on November 16, offers the best coming from the western, southern, and eastern seas of the Korean peninsula, which has an extensive culture behind seafood that may even surpass that of island countries. A selection of Korean seafood ingredients including seaweed, fluke, oysters, and abalone have been crafted into a tasting menu by Chef David Lee, who is acclaimed for his New American approach to introducing authentic Korean flavors to the Western palate.

The menu incorporates unique seafood ingredients including seaweed noodles and garlic-fed fluke, while introducing Korean flavors to a more familiar dish. Oysters Kimchi-feller—Korean Oysters Rockefeller—will pair the tastes of fresh Korean oysters with a special Kimchi & Perilla Leaf Puree, fusing the power of Korean fermentation with that of Korean seafood; Kimchi’s fermentation aspect along with the nutritional value of oysters gives the dish tremendous health benefits. Seaweed noodles made from non-GMO ingredients showcase the potential of seaweed, a trending food ingredient, as a gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie food option. Also seen on the menu is garlic-fed fluke, a specialty from Korea’s Jeju Island raised with a diet of fermented garlic, which blends the anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, anti-viral qualities of garlic with the collagen-rich nutritional value of fluke.

The main tasting menu will feature Chef David Lee’s Seaweed Noodle Salad, Jeju Island Garlic-fed Fluke & Seaweed Roulade, and Abalone Potato Gnocchi. Chef David Lee’s interpretation of the Korean seafood ingredients will reflect on his pioneering approach on New American cuisine, as well as his thorough understanding of Korean cuisine and the culture behind its seafood—Korea is surrounded by water on three sides and has a coastline along three seas, with Jeju Island also adding to a rich history of interacting with the ocean and its wealth of seafood.

A cooking demonstration by Chef David Lee and Chef Diane Henderiks will familiarize guests with the advantages of Korean seafood, from their diverse uses to nutritional values. Chef Diane Henderiks, culinary expert on healthy cooking, will be sharing her knowledge on the health benefits of the Korean seafood ingredients used in the tasting menu’s dishes.

Guests attending the event will be provided with gift bags containing printed recipe cards, including information on where to purchase the featured Korean seafood products. The tasting event, which takes place a week before Thanksgiving and a meat-heavy holiday dinner, will offer new ideas for enjoying a healthier, lighter Thanksgiving feast with alternative recipes to accompany traditional dishes.

Prior to the main tasting, a cocktail reception will take place with Makgeolli and Soju cocktails made from traditional Korean liquor, with a tasting menu featuring Ocean Trio Chips and Oysters Kimchi-feller.

Taste the Sea of Korea is sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and the Korea Agro-Trade Center, and will take place on November 16, 2015 from 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM at Chefs Club by Food and Wine at 275 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012.

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Taste the Sea of Korea - Chef David Lee's Seaweed Noodle SaladSEAWEED NOODLE SALAD

Taste the Sea of Korea - Chef David Lee's Jeju Island Garlic-fed Fluke and Seaweed Roulade


Taste the Sea of Korea - Chef David Lee's Abalone Potato Gnocchi


Taste the Sea of Korea...is
introducing a new way to eat deliciously healthy food...[and] offers the best of Korean seafood coming from the
western, southern, and eastern seas
of the Korean peninsula.

The Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries aT Center New York

Chef David Lee Chef Diane Henderiks

About Chef David Lee

Chef David Lee is an alumnus of the International Culinary Center and specializes in New American Cuisine. He is currently the Executive Chef at Goggan—an upscale Korean restaurant in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan—and has worked in the kitchens of leading restaurants in New York including Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro, Spitzer's Corner, Mermaid Inn, Spotted Pig, and Barn Joo.

About Chef Diane Henderiks

Diane Henderiks, multimedia chef and culinary nutritionist, is an expert on healthy cooking who has built a culture around creating cuisine that is both delicious and nutritious. Her passion and talent for wholesome cooking has gained nationwide recognition, as she has been featured on national television, print and online media including: FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, The New York Times. Diane Henderiks is an advisory board member of many national nutrition and dietetic associations.

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